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  • December 30, 2018 1 min read

    2018 went by without us even noticing but we know for sure that it was a hell of a ride. We had lots of challenges, projects, new ideas, joy and laughter. But you know how the old saying goes - you can not experience real happiness without a pinch of frustration or failure. We had that too.

    At the beginning of the new year we want to sum-up our key takeaways from 2018.


    Take a Look

    1. The best team building is moving to a new place together.

    2. Planning is useful, but returns tend to diminish. Start before you’re ready.

    3. You have to find your natural beauty, otherwise, no amount of makeup will help.

    4. Never underestimate a simple white shirt.

    5. When you find your uniform look - you free yourself from stressful mornings.

    6. A black tuxedo can go an extra mile.

    7. Being an independent woman is hard, but worth it.

    8. Starting your own business is easy - maintaining it is harder.

    9. When in doubt - put on lipstick.

    10. Other women are not your competition. Stand with them, not against them.

    11. Real leaders empower and help others in need.

    12. When in need - ask for help.

    Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!