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January 01, 2019 3 min read

The interview is a very important moment in your career as it is the only moment to make a good first impression. Meeting your future employer face-to-face is for sure a nerve-wracking experience, however, choosing the perfect interview outfit can significantly boost your confidence and overall good feeling about yourself. We believe that a proper preparation for a job interview starts with planning what you should wear. That is why we have rounded up some great options to wear on your next interview. Hope it will make your preparation for an interview a bit less stressful and complicated!

A well-tailored suit

A well-tailored suit

A dark, two-piece navy or black suit is the best option when going to an interview. No matter if you choose a pantsuit or a skirt suit - the most important thing is making sure that it suits you the best. Well-fitted suits are the nightmare of any job interview outfit. The smart trick is taking a photo of you wearing your suit. Look closely and analyze it - do you see something to be improved? Maybe you have to alter the length of your trousers? As they say, the devil is in the details. That's is why you have to be extra picky when choosing your interview suit.

Statement jacket

Crafted in sophisticated tweed and finished with impeccable details, this jacket tells a lot about its wearer. Probably she has high standards for her environment and herself. Also, it is very likely that she has good attention to detail - a characteristic that is so needed in every career path. When creating your office look, remember that some clues - rich fabrics, classic silhouettes - universally communicate the idea of trustworthiness and reliability.

Choose a little black dress or… a little burgundy dress

Choose a little black dress or… a little burgundy dress
Choose a little black dress or… a little burgundy dress

It is usually advised to choose outfits with solid colors and structured fit. It is the tried-and-tested way to create any office-appropriate look as it instantly gives you a proper level of formality.

Although a LBD is a classic option for job interviews and we definitely love them, don’t be afraid to play with colors. We have already expressed our admiration for business burgundy dresses and there are many sophisticated alternatives to LBDs. However, if you feel at your best wearing black - go for it. Choose a versatile LBD, pair it with your favorite accessories and off you go!

A dress that never disappoints you

People make an assumption about you even before you start talking, that is why you simply cannot allow yourself to wear something wrinkled or wrinkle-prone. You want to wear your most-polished clothing to an interview. That dress that is just a little too short or too tight? That skirt that gets wrinkled halfway through your commute? You want to avoid these common pitfalls by choosing something from your wardrobe that you truly can rely on. We bet you have one or two risk-free dresses or suits. If not, it is time to start investing in those pieces - you will never regret having them in your working wardrobe.

Light colors

Opting for light or neutral tones gives your office look a more confident and positive vibe. Think about it - the job interviewer probably meets at least several candidates a day, and they most likely wear something conservative, usually something from a darker color range. You want to differentiate yourself from them! Choose a light shirt or a blouse and make the best first impression.

What not to wear at an interview

What not to wear at an interview
  • Too casual. Let T-shirts or jeans be your option for casual Fridays and not for THE day when you have to make the best first impression!
  • Don’t overdo your makeup. You have to show your best side, that is why wearing well-done day makeup is a very good idea. However, don’t pretend that you are someone else. If you wear no makeup in your day to day life, it is better to concentrate on a clean and fresh skin or hairstyle instead of trying the latest makeup trends or concealing every spot that you have.
  • Well-fitted clothes. Blouses that are too short or too low-cut. Shirts that reveal too much.
  • Underwear that is visible to others. Even if your bra color matches the color of your blouse it should not be visible.
  • Don’t forget the shoes! As they say, be well dressed, behave like a lady, and keep your shoes shined.

We hope that you will nail that job interview! Best of luck and get that dream job!