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  • December 26, 2018 3 min read

    New Year’s is a great starting point mentally and physically. It is the optimal time to challenge yourself and to start a new page. Re-write your bad habits and change them into good and healthy ones, to treat and to take care of yourself more. To make promises that you are actually willing to keep.


    I know that we talk a lot about it before the New Year’s, we promise ourselves to exercise more, to eat healthier, to quit smoking or to invest more in our relationships. I know that all these resolutions are pretty common. But they keep on repeating each year… I wonder why?


    What about our wardrobe? As a woman working in the fashion industry I can’t help but think about it. You may say - easy for you, you don’t even have to think about it - it is natural for you! Well, I wish! But like hundreds of other working women, I keep struggling in this area.

    I think that great, carefully picked and crystallised wardrobe is as important as great health. How you look is how you feel and vice versa.

    Fashion can be incredibly empowering: the right outfit may inspire you to stand up taller, speak more confidently, and be more bold and assertive in your day-to-day life. May this year be your year!


    1. Invest in a Good Jacket

    A well-tailored jacket is an essential piece for any working lady. It shapes you, elevates your look within a sec and helps you in a critical situation. This year I promise myself to buy one that fits perfectly for a casual workday but also looks fabulous matched with a silk blouse and heels at the evening party.

    2. Choose Quality Over Quantity

    Great essentials will give you far more mileage than trendy pieces you’ll tire of quickly. I promise myself to buy really great quality basics - better to have not many, but high quality and easy to match with anything. 2019 - for timeless pieces!

    3. Experiment With Colours

    I really enjoy earthy colours, also classical black and white. They are easy to match and even easier to wear. But oh please, we only live once and a girl needs a bright dress, eye-popping colours and some attention. Next year I promise not to hide behind the safe colours anymore and at least buy a couple of pieces with bright bold colours and prints. 

    4. Find Your NO. 1 Accessory That You Can Wear Every Day

    Accessories are not really my thing. I always think that I do not have time for that. But we all know that even the smallest accessory can re-create your whole look. So the next year I will find the one (well, I think I already did!).

    5. Buy a Multitasker Work Dress

    I know that sometimes we do not have enough time in the morning for mixing and matching our outfit: these pants go with this blouse, this blouse goes with these shoes, but then shoes don’t go with pants… you get the idea! That is why I decided to simplify my morning routine by buying a one-piece outfit - the multitasker work dress that looks great each and every time!