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  • February 04, 2024 5 min read

    Planning your spring wardrobe and cleaning your closet could be a great start. It is super important to do the cleaning first and after that invest in a new wardrobe, when you know exactly what you have and what you need.

    Recently I read a fantastic book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (I bet that some of you already heard about the book, after all - it became a bestseller around the world). The book had much new advice on how to organize not only your wardrobe but your life! It is true that when you get your things in order - your life starts to get in order too. 

    One of the author's rule is - start tidying clothes by category and gather every item of that category from the entire house in one spot. This allows you to see precisely how much you have. Confronted with an enormous pile of clothes, you will also be forced to acknowledge how poorly you have been treating your possessions.

    So, before we start talking about spring wardrobe - let's look at what we already have and carefully think about what we need and what brings us joy. What’s the point of having tons of dresses if they do not bring you joy? 

    What to look for when picking new items for spring work wardrobe?

    1. FABRIC - the most important thing when looking for a perfect spring dress or a blouse. Dressing for the office in scorching temperatures can prove to be quite a challenge. You have to think about the hot and cold temperatures. The fabric has to be breathable but not too thin or light because we all know how office conditioning system can freeze you sometimes. 

    2. THE FIT. When it is hot outside, you have to think about the fit. No body-con dress will do when it is too hot outside, and you start sweating (we all do that, it is OK for women to get sweaty!). Consider not only the fabric but the fit too. It has to be a loose silhouette, but I get it, not all body shapes look great in a baggy dress. Actually, very few do. The best solution - a belted waist. It looks fabulous and feels so comfortable!

    3. VERSATILITY. Versatility and creative use of clothing in different situations and in different combinations is the answer to the dilemma when there is nothing to wear. For instance, one dress can be perfect for a work meeting and a cocktail party or even for your friend's wedding! Why waste money on a dress you will wear only once when you can invest in a great piece and wear it whenever. Mix and match it with different jewelry, shoes, and purses to always create a new look. 

    4.COLOR. I know how hard it is to transit from a dark and grey wardrobe (which is perfect for a winter wardrobe) to a colorful and bright one. At first, you feel like wearing someone else’s shoes, like this color doesn’t belong to you, and you will try to go back to your “safe” colors. Over the years I learned that the easiest way to transit is going small steps at a time. Change black to dark blue, then try something lighter like peach or light pink. I promise you - after a while, you won’t look back.

    FG ATELIER stylist's choice

    Navigating the tricky rules of spring workwear is hard. When it gets hot outside all you want to do is jump into comfortable shorts and put on a light cotton shirt. But if you are like me, you know that there are specific rules you have to follow: say no to short skirts or dresses, you are obligated to wear mid-length, also no short sleeves or tank tops! But that shouldn’t be a problem. There are lots of great looking, non-boring dresses out there! Here are my favorites


    This model has an ideal shape that looks great almost on anyone! Loose silhouette, a belted waist, mid-length and long sleeves - everything you were searching to fulfill your spring work wardrobe! It comes in two colors - romantic light pink and royal dark blue. Why choose one when you can have both. One for evening events, the other one for sunny spring days.

    This dress will not only look fantastic, but it saves you time too. If you need this dress first thing in the morning all clean and ready - just put it in the washing machine the evening before. After a gentle wash, hang it on a hanger, and in the morning the one thing you’ll need to worry about is what color lipstick do you prefer best.

    Royal blue crepe dress

    We know that as a busy woman you travel a lot. Business trips can be quite exhausting and stressful, so the last thing you want to do is ironing your dress before the important meeting. You have better things to do. Discover frequent flyer’s best friend and make your business trips less complicated.

    Light pink crepe dress


    While looking for something chic and formal, we quite often choose black. However, a formal burgundy dress could be an easy alternative to your old little black dress. The rich wine color looks great on any skin tone. I noticed that deep colors like burgundy give you more confidence and we all need that from time to time. 

    Burgundy belted dress

    Burgundy business dress is a true life saver when you have 5 minutes in the morning to look put-together. Burgundy pairs very well with other colors and different patterns, giving you endless options for styling it. To be honest, it does not really matter what kind of accessories you choose - it is almost impossible to go wrong with burgundy as it represents that timeless chic and elegance.

    Here at FG ATELIER, we have two different options: 1. belted dress - for those who want to create a feminine hourglass silhouette. 2. pleated A-line dress - for those who want that modern school uniform look. It is classy and looks fantastic with both: flats or heels. 

    The greatest thing is - all the dresses above suit perfectly to autumn or even winter wardrobe - with thick leggings or over-the-knee shoes. It is smart to invest in pieces that can be adapted for all seasons. This way you are creating a perfect capsule wardrobe that can serve you for many years. 

    Burgundy dress


    We love beige as it is so versatile and easy to style. Beige silk is definitely a good choice when creating spring outfit - it is light, it has some shine in the fabric and it so refreshing! Discover our stretch-silk beige blouse and you will forget your cotton shirts easily.

    Light beige silk blouse