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  • April 23, 2019 2 min read

    Saving up for a series of high-quality, classic pieces that will serve you for decades is a logical step that you probably will not regret. Rather than relying on fast fashion, why not investing in the key and timeless pieces, so you wear them confidently for years.  We prescribe to the idea that you should calculate the price per wear - that way you see that the price of true investment pieces that you wear year after year plummets to pennies. 


    should you invest in your work wardrobe


    The timeless silk shirt is a perfect companion for skirts or pants throughout the week. A blouse that is carefully crafted and designed feels wonderful on your skin, and you immediately feel the difference. We love these topaz blue silk blouse in particular, as this color is truly divine and royal. The fabric speaks for itself: Italian stretch silk that feels like a second skin and follows your body. Luxurious and timeless - this is how a true investment piece looks like. 

    should you invest in your work wardrobe

    It is not hard to spot a high-quality jacket that is nicely cut, fits perfectly and accentuates the best features of your body. You feel the difference, and you see the difference. A well-crafted, high-quality jacket instantly upgrades any look. It can be mixed and matched with other less pricey items from your wardrobe, but you will still look polished and sophisticated.


    should you invest in your work wardrobe

    It is such a relief to have a beautifully cut and ready to wear office dress when you have an important day ahead of you or you running late. You should purchase a modest dress - not too short, form-fitting or low-cut. Knee-length style never goes out of fashion or look outdated. Versatility is the key while shopping for a high-quality dress. 

    should you invest in your work wardrobe

    When you invest in high-quality pants, you will save in the long run, as you will not spend twice as much buying a new, cheaper pair every year. A classic, lightweight wool is essential to every woman’s wardrobe. Choose lightweight wool over synthetic fabrics, as this type of wool will work in summer and winter.