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  • February 02, 2019 4 min read

    There are not many wardrobe pieces that we rely on more than the classic white shirt. It has been in our wardrobe for as long as we can remember. We love them in all shapes and forms: crisp cotton, stretch cotton, linen or sumptuous silk. Tailored silhouette, clean and classic look add to your daily look more power and sharpness. It doesn‘t matter - classical or modern - white women shirt are the true wear-anywhere closet staple.

    Despite being so universal and practical, a lot of women still lack ideas on how to style a white shirt. That is why our team has summed up some great ways you can wear this year-round essential.

    Before we dive into styling, here are the essential tips you need to know before you leave the house wearing a white shirt:

    1. Keep them in perfect shape. A white shirt is needy. They have to be washed by hands (or on a gentle mode in a washing machine) or better - dry cleaned, ironed and well-fitted. Otherwise, you will look bad. Because every stain will be noticeable and even the slightest wrinkle could ruin the look.
    2. Keep them on a good hanger. Never use the ones from a dry cleaner, they can ruin the shape and fabric. Never fold them, otherwise, you will have to iron them every single time before you wear them.
    3. Never put a direct perfume spout on the material. It stains and leaves the worst marks afterward.
    4. Take care of the buttons. Keep them in good shape, if needed - re-sew it.


    The classic black-and-white look is always safe. But if you want something a bit different - style white shirts with a beautiful scarf. It’s easy, yet very creative and effortless way to re-invent your classic white shirt look.

    How to style a white shirt


    White shirt goes amazing with bright colors. So if you have any bright or signature colors in your drawer - it is the time to pull them out. Coral, bright blue, burgundy – they all look amazing styled with white.

    How to style a white shirt


    It is incredible what a classic white shirt and a uniform style skirt can do. This outfit will make you feel like you got back to school again.

    How to style a white shirt

    How to style a white shirt


    • White shirt and red lipstick go hand in hand.
    • Statement jewelry and a white shirt tandem will never disappoint you.
    • Bright nail color will look fabulous with a white shirt.
    • White shirt goes well with denim.
    • Oversized white shirt and a  leather skinny pencil skirt - creates a perfect figure for those in need of some feminine shapes.
    • High heels and a white shirt can create a fabulous duet even for a fancy evening.
    • Step up your overall or jumpsuit game by layering the onesie over a white button-down shirt.
    • Slip a sexy black dress over a classic Oxford shirt and create a fabulous effect.
    • Balance the buttoned-up quality of classic white shirting by allowing a black bra to peek out from underneath. 


    A white shirt was originally seen worn only by wealthy people because they didn’t have to work and could afford to keep them clean. 

    In the forties, the white shirt became famous around Hollywood stars, actresses like Katherine Hepburn started to wear them as a stylish statement. But the button down white shirt became a real hit after the film Roman Holiday where Audrey Hepburn wore a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a rounded collar. 

    How to style a white shirt_ audrey hepburn

    After that Hollywood stars and even the music world was crazy about the white shirt trend. It was a bold statement of fashion, good taste, and careless style. 

    In 1998 Sharon Stone made everyone go WOW by showing to Oscars wearing a white men's shirt from GAP.  So not only a white shirt was concreting the streets...

    Sharon Stone in GAP


    It is important not only to know how to style white shirts but also how to keep them white for a longer period of time. We all know that sometimes dry cleaning is not an option. Even when it is - dry cleaning is expensive, especially if you have to do it more than once a week. Even when money is not a big problem, we bet that time is. Why waste your precious time in traffic on the way to the dry cleaning, why wait around and after a long day at work stand in a long line at a dry cleaning?

    So in order to look good and ready, you have to know how to take care of your shirts by yourself. It is easy when you know the right steps!

    FIRST STEP. Pre-treat stains. For food, ink or sweat stains, you can pre-treat them with a stain remover. Let the formula soak in the fabric for about 20 minutes before you continue cleaning.

    SECOND STEP. Wash it carefully. Wash shirts in cold water using the delicate cycle on your washing machine.

    THIRD STEP. After ironing hang it on a hanger, button the top button, and hang outside the closet until remaining moisture evaporates.

    Follow these steps, and you will never need to worry about your shirts looking too grey or yellowy for your perfect outfit of the day!