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  • November 27, 2018 2 min read

    Winter is coming, and with it we often find ourselves looking for that perfect all-purpose dress - good for work and going out, preferably with sleeves so you stay warm in the office, mid-length - not too short or long - so you can feel comfortable in different situations or wherever your day will bring you.

    While looking for something chic and formal, we quite often choose black. However, a burgundy formal dress is an easy alternative to your old little black dress as it is refreshing and colourful. Step out from the black crowd and introduce more rich and subtle colours to your wardrobe. After all, burgundy is the new black, right?

    If you know us well, at FG atelier we have a growing burgundy obsession! Call it whatever you like - burgundy, wine or deep red - but this colour really suits on every skin tone. Of course, there are different variations of the colour and you have to choose the right burgundy shade. However, usually classic deep burgundy colour is so universally charming, that you can’t go wrong with it.  

    We especially love wine-coloured dresses as they are so versatile to wear to work. Burgundy business dress is a true life saviour when you have 5 minutes in the morning to look put-together. Burgundy pairs very well with other colours and different patterns, giving you endless options for styling it. Too be honest, it does not really matter what kind of accessories do you choose - it is almost impossible to go wrong with burgundy as it represents that timeless chic and elegance.

    Which one is your favourite burgundy dress? Do you have a burgundy dress in your wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below!