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  • September 29, 2018 1 min read

    Borrowed from men’s wear, double-breasted jackets one of those key workwear pieces that never lose their appeal. Adding a jacket to any outfit instantly increases its formality - and that is not the only reason why we love them in a workplace setting.

    You can instantly feel the boost of confidence while wearing high-quality, structural double-breasted jacket. It is no surprise, with its military origin, this type of jacket serves you best in those days when you especially need that sense of command or authority in your professional life.

    Maybe you are just starting with your blazer collection? Then, begin with a piece you can wear with anything. With its endless styling options, black will always be a workplace necessity.

    With matte gold buttons and a waist-fitting silhouette, this jacket looks like a true investment piece. A good, well-tailored jacket makes you look put-together, even if you’re just wearing it with Converse and a T-shirt.


    If you are lucky and you have already found your perfect wear-to-work jacket, you will probably agree, that a fabric from which a jacket is made is crucial. This is a piece of clothing that is worn very frequently, so it must stand the challenges that your day brings! That is why choosing high quality, wrinkle resistant fabrics is so important. Here at FG atelier, we believe that high-quality wool is one of the best options for a structured jacket. Although it is natural fabric, it still holds the shape perfectly throughout the day and ensures that your skin breathes.