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NEW SERIES: #WomenWhoCreate

March 07, 2019 1 min read


Spring is all about rebirth and creation. Therefore, FG atelier team starts a new series - #WomenWhoCreate. It is a tribute to all women who work in a creative field. Why them? Because they keep the world growing!


We will tell the stories about #WomenWhoCreate, starting from our Creative Director Monika Peciulyte by showing how the new collection is born from the beginning until the finish. Sharing the ideas on how to keep the pulls of your creative process alive and always keep moving forward.


Who is she #WomanWhoCreate? She is determined, willing to create something new every day, to look for solutions and answers. She is a teacher, cook, designer, writer, painter, architect… Anyone with a vision for a better world around us.


Want to get noticed? It’s easy – TAG yourself or your friend under any post with #WomenWhoCreate and we will feature your (or your friends) story in our 9-to-5 journal on website. 

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