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  • February 26, 2019 2 min read

    Many believe that woman’s purse could be a black hole for all the things that are lost. But jokes aside - it is the one thing that no woman could live without. A woman’s bag is a reflection of her life.  It mirrors her personality and daily challenges. 

    We asked Monika, FG atelier creative director, to open her bag for us and tell more about the things that she carries with herself daily. 

    As a creative director do you have some sort of “survivor kit” in your bag? 

    For an outsider, a creative director’s job may seem chaotic when truly it is a precise and detail-orientated job. That’s why there are key things that I always carry with me: a sewing ruler, a sketchbook or an iPad. Also, I always have some fabric samples with me, that I am currently working on. Yeah, it is pretty basic stuff.  But I could not do my job without it. 

    Seems a lot of things in one bag, what kind of bag do you prefer to use during a busy workday?

    Well, you wouldn’t believe it, but I prefer small bags. I love crossbody bags that are pretty small. And I do not put all the big things in it, I choose traveling light! 

    If you had to choose only 3 things to put in your bag, what would it be?

    A phone charger (you won’t believe the stories I have involving death phone battery), my iPad and of course a lipstick, ‘because you know, a woman always need some colour!

    If you had a chance to trade bags with any woman on earth, who would she be?

    I am curious what is in Diane von Fürstenberg’s bag. She seems like a woman who has everything under control but still has some secrets within. 

    WHAT’S IN MY BAG: Monika Peciulyte, the Creative Director of FG ATELIER