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  • February 10, 2019 1 min read

    Let's be honest sometimes a box of chocolates and a card just won't cut it. It is hard for men to think of something original. They might adore us, but picking out a perfect present for Valentine's day - might not be their strongest side.

    So why wait around for significant others to sharpen up? We encourage you to empower the self-gifting!

    Especially if you are single on this Valentine's day, don't just ignore the day - treat yourself, love yourself, be your own Valentine!

    Statement Scarf FG ATELIER

    The gift from yourself could be the best gift, because who else knows you better? Of course, a gift should be meaningful, inspiring and stylish. Just another lipstick won’t work.

    For an occasion like this - we created statement scarves. It’s the irreplaceable accessory for your leisure and business wardrobe. It carries a secret message that was hand-written by our creative director Monika.

    There are six messages all with different fonts and meanings - pick your favorite and treat yourself!


    1. Make it Happen

    Make it Happen - Statement Scarf


    2. Be The Game Changer 

    Be The Game Changer - Statement Scarf


    3. You Are Extraordinary 

    You Are Extraordinary - Statement Scarf


    4. We Gather Strength As We Go

    We Gather Strength As We Go - Statement Scarf


    5. Women Who Invest In Themselves Go Further

    Women Who Invest In Themselves Go Further - Statement Scarf


    6. Do What They Think You Can't Do

    Do What They Think You Can't Do - Statement Scarf

    Which one is your personal favorite - let us know in the comments below!