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  • May 27, 2018 2 min read

    Believe it or not - the right suit can save the day. I personally believe that whether you want to look sharp or want to go beyond 9-to-5 – a well-tailored suit is always the best choice.

    What to look for when buying one?


    Let’s go through 5 key factors.

    suit on the go I fg atelier tips
    I know how people react to the word polyester. Yes. It sounds like the enemy, but to be honest it might be our generation silk. High quality, thick but permeable material and most important – wrinkle-free fabric. These days’ polyester has the greatest quality and is loved by those who are in the rush.

    No matter how great a suit looks, the comfort is one of the main factors. Especially when you are traveling a lot. Business trips usually take just a couple day, so you need the right suit – wrinkle-free, from stretch fabric and of course one you can wear all day long without even thinking about it.


    There is a reason why people say that classic will never go out of style. It’s easy to wear it with other clothes and it always helps when you have no idea what to wear, how to wear it and, most important – when you have no time to think about it.


    It is important that you could easily mix and match your suit with other clothes in your wardrobe. Why hire a personal stylist, when you can go easy on yourself? Buy what suits you, be loyal to your style and sometimes spice it up with some interesting details or accessories.

    Even though the classical style is always safe and easy, there are days when you want to stand out from the crowd. Then the statement color can be your jackpot. Choose one that suits your skin tone and one that you really feel confident in.
    fg atelier suit

    Photo credit: Eyes Mast