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  • July 10, 2022 1 min read

    1. Blush color is a perfect neutral

    A blush-colored clothing is universally beautiful and flattering on all skin tones. Blush is the perfect new neutral, because it goes with absolutely everything. It can tone an outfit down or add a feminine touch.

    It's okay to keep things more subdued if magenta and poppy pink are too daring for you. This modest colour gives an outfit a softer, gentler, even romantic look. The hue feels far more wearable than pure white, yet being quite delicate.

    Pink Blush Dresses & Tops | Inspiration & Styling Tips

    Light Pink Crepe Loose Silhouette Dress

    2. Blush pink is not for fairytales  

    The days when pink was undeservedly associated with childishness or Disney cartoons are long gone. Soft pink radiates femininity and elegance, while remaining one of the best colours to match.

    Pink Blush Dresses & Tops | Inspiration & Styling Tips

    Pink Nude Crepe Dress



    3. Pick the hue of pink that looks best on you

    Pink comes in many forms – there are both warm and cool versions so choose one that is like your natural blush colour and it will enhance your skin instantly. Light pink, blush pink, dust pink, rose pink - choose your favourite pink hue and mix&match it with your go-to accessories