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  • March 21, 2024 2 min read

    Stylist, owner at Eyes Mast, brands ambassador – Gabija Varnaite is one of those women who never stands in one place. Traveling between Lithuania, NY, Miami and lots of other places sometimes you have no time for bad quality clothes, especially when there are days when you have meeting after meeting. You have to feel comfortable, look chic and of course stay in style.

    Lately, Gabija visited FG atelier and picked her favorite piece – well-structured blazer jacket.



    FG atelier was created to make life easier for aspiring and self-confident career women who want to look sharp and feminine at work with minimal time and effort. A woman expresses herself through what she wears – especially at work. Successful workwear does much more than save time, it tells the world what kind of woman you are. The best part of them is their motto that I simply fell in love: Forget entire weekends spent searching for that one perfect office dress or business suit - you have more important decisions to make in your everyday life. 

    Nevertheless, the whole team was simply spectacular ... I have never seen such professional and warm service anywhere. So I came with thunder and told that I need super chic classy blazer in few days as my flight to NYC was just around the corner, and since the brand is concentrated on personalised orders I thought I 'll not get it by the time... But what do You know - I got my perfect blazer made just for me right on time! I was left speechless...

    And what do You know all meetings I had, all cocktail hours I had to attend it was and still is my number one piece that I match everywhere I go where I am in need to look sharp, chic and fabulous in this crazy city that never sleeps!


    Source: Eyes Mast