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  • November 05, 2018 2 min read

    Agne Gilyte – one of the most famous Lithuanian stylist. She works on various projects, shows, with clients, writes books on wardrobe dilemmas and every day tries to help lost women and men to rediscover their wardrobe. 


    In my daily life, there are many discoveries that I regularly share with my clients. Shopping is part of our common routine that is far from being grey, boring or identical.

    On the contrary, it’s inspirational, colourful and positive. Working with interesting and charismatic women, I realize that I cannot relax - I'm constantly looking for new solutions, unbelievable combinations, and high-quality merchandise.




    A little black dress is a grey-cardinal of the wardrobe, always ready to help when it's hard to decide when we're hurrying or just do not know what we want. Its limits of perception have long expanded - it doesn’t necessarily have to be black. The color of red wine is as equally universal, delicate and stylish. It's important to have a perfect silhouette and every other accessory that will allow it to be worn both in the day and in the evening.



    Flawless choices are the key to a tasteful closet, where you'll always find interesting combinations and ideas to look perfect every time. The classic two-part costume from high-quality tweed, inspired by the third decade, is a combination that you will hardly be able to stand up. Altogether, it brilliantly combines with a classic silk blouse, it’s jacket - with basic t-shirts and jeans, and the skirt - with a thin cashmere knit. And there’s still room to improvise.

    business suit



    I cannot imagine a modern and sexy woman's wardrobe without a classic tuxedo, with three axial selection criteria: high-quality wool, perfectly chosen jacket cut and trouser silhouette. With it, we can flirt both in the evening, while we wear our high heels and expensive accessories, and in the daytime, when we replace them with more modest details. It’s not surprising that it withstands the test of time, ages & seasons.



    Versatility and a creative use of clothing in different situations and in different combinations is the answer to the dilemma when there is nothing to wear. The classic silhouette jacket, reminiscent of an adjoining elongated jacket, is an indispensable foundation for layering. 

    Blazer dress

    Blazer dress

    • With a long-sleeved blouse, we get a combination for the office or an intense day in the city. Comfortable, practical, modern.
    • With narrow trousers – a sexier alternative for the daytime or the afternoon, when you want to subtly outline your femininity.
    • With evening accessories – instead of a dress.

    Blazer dress