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  • November 13, 2021 3 min read

    There's a flattering blazer fit for every woman - find what works best for your body type. And it is truly worth to spend some time and really finding the one truly suits your body. After all, a blazer is a total closet superhero. 

    If you are petite

    Even if you love the oversized blazers, it is better to stay away from them. A blazer that is too loose or too big will overwhelm and hide your small frame so it is much better to choose one that fits closer to your body, preferably with a good fit at the shoulders. Bonus tip: if you want to make your legs looks longer, consider choosing a blazer that is slightly shorter in length. 




    how to choose a jacket for your body type


    If you are busty 

    Women with larger busts should stay away from boxy or bomber jackets and opt for a fitted, streamlined style that has a fitted waist. Also, it is best to choose a one-button style. Avoid jackets that add a lot of bulk to your frame or have pockets around the chest area. Simple design with narrow lapels is a perfect choice for you. 

    how to choose a jacket for your body type


    If you are straight, boyish body type 
    You are really lucky as most designs look good on you. If you want to add some curves - choose a blazer that has a fitted or nipped waist. Or if you want to create an illusion of an hourglass figure, choose a jacket which has peplum details.


    how to choose a jacket for your body type

    #  Choose the color according to the occasion

    Color is a crucial aspect when choosing a blazer. It is always recommended to have a neutral blazer for an office look, an outing or a special occasion. The nude, black or navy tones are some examples that work really well in any situation.

    If you are looking for something to complement a simple outfit or give life to your attire outside the office, you can opt for tweed jackets. They instantly change your outfit and make it much more sophisticated. 

    # Take into account the length

    The blazer length that benefits all types is the length that ends on the hip. If you have wide hips this will be the perfect length, since a blazer on the waist will attract the attention of your hips. If you have a short upper body part, you can choose a slightly longer blazer to give the illusion of lengthening it.

    # Think of the lapels

    The lapels of the blazer are another aspect that you must take into account. Ideally, the flaps are in proportion to your body structure and accentuate the best features of your figure. For example, thin lapels in a broad-shouldered woman will only draw attention to the shoulders. And the same is the reverse: if you have narrow shoulders, avoid extremely wide lapels.

    Also, make sure the blazer is not too long for you. It should hit your hips in the widest area, but it doesn't have to (for example shorter types of blazers are preferred for pencil skirts - but they should still hit lower than the skirt's top). 

    Do not settle with too big shoulder pads (unless you have very narrow shoulders). From our experience, we know very well that shoulder pads can make or break any look. It’s all a matter of balance! It shouldn't make you look boxy but structured.

    Last but not least, make sure sleeves hit right or have them tailored. The idea is if you bend your elbows the sleeves should go only slightly above your wrist. Similarly, when your arms are straight down your body the sleeves should not hang at your fingers but slightly below your wrists.