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5 tips for a young corporate lawyer

January 10, 2019 2 min read

5 tips for a young corporate lawyer

You have just graduated from law school and you are ready to kick-start your career as a lawyer. But while it may look like it will be a smooth journey, you still have a long road ahead of you, with plenty of things to learn and experience.

1. Details matter

Although mistakes are inevitable - everyone does them - but you should not make mistakes that you could have avoided. You might not know how to draft a merger agreement, but you definitely know how to spell your client’s name. 

5 tips for a young corporate lawyer

2. Book learning is not enough

Young lawyers should really invest in their experience. Since legal practise and law itself keeps on changing, you have to be prepared to keep up with it. Relying heavily on books can become a big disadvantage, as they usually become irrelevant in a few years.

3. Networking

Start building your network as soon as possible. Ultimately the success of you as a lawyer will depend on your relationships. Everyone in your network - from existing friends to new acquaintances - should be viewed as someone who might be a client or source of referrals some day.

5 tips for a young corporate lawyer

4. Company culture

Any company will have its own work culture. You should learn it and stick to it if you truly want to be a good team player. Remember, there is nothing more valuable than a junior attorney who is humble, reliable, and willing to contribute to a team’s success.

5 tips for a young corporate lawyer

5. Keep learning

Learn as much as possible from other law fields. For example, get familiar with all the major rules of the securities law, even if you don’t use them. The more you know from the related fields, the fewer blind spots are left. Consequently, you will make fewer mistakes. 

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