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Digital distractions: 5 ways to avoid them at your work

November 03, 2018 3 min read

Digital distractions: 5 ways to avoid them at your work

Have you ever felt absolutely exhausted after a long day at work even though you have not accomplished much? And then you asked yourself: how did this happen? You perfectly planned your day, you had your to-do list with your most important tasks, you even felt a nice sensation of excitement and motivation when you were thinking about all the stuff that you were going accomplish today. However, it is 5 p.m. and you have just realized that you were distracted from your goals and tasks.


Sometimes your day can be hijacked by unexpected call or dissatisfied client or other emergencies at work. Unfortunately, more than often we sabotage our day ourselves. For example, you write that important presentation and you hear a Facebook Messenger’s beep or after spending 15 minutes intensively working on your task you unexpectedly decide to check your phone “just in case something happened” and you do not want to miss that. How to avoid digital distractions? What to do when you have a hard time focusing? In this article we gathered 5 powerful techniques helping you handle and eliminate digital distractions at work.

#1 Quit social media

Log out of all your social media sites and set a specific time when you are allowed to check it. If you feel that going offline completely all working day, start with checking your social media only once or twice during your working day. Lunch break can be a good time to have that guilty-pleasure moment.

Quit social media

#2 Rediscover the power of paper notebook

When you write down on a piece of paper you realize your day is finite and you have just so much time in your day. If you use digital planner it is a good idea to print out your day. That way you not only see your day in front of your eyes but also you do not trigger that habit to grab your smartphone.

Rediscover the power of paper notebook

#3 Schedule your use of smartphone

Set alarms specifying how often you can check your phone. Start with every 30 minutes, then move to every hour or even every 2 hours. When your alarm sounds, spend one minute going through messages or notifications, reset the timer and continue working on your tasks. By scheduling your time when you use your phone, you minimize digital distractions and create a balanced routine which allows you to focus on your work and still keep up with messages and notifications.

Schedule your use of smartphone

#4 Turn off notifications

When you are responding to messages, beeps and other notifications throughout your day, you just can't focus on work and deliver the best results that you need to succeed. Even if you think that quickly looking at your phone is harmless, research shows that we are paying a huge price of multitasking and switching from task to task. By turning off notifications you reclaim your life back and become a true owner of your day.

Turn off notifications

#5 Use apps for better focus

There are plenty of smart website blocker tools that can help to significantly reduce temptations. Do not rely solely on your willpower, sometimes you have to outsmart yourself first. Reduce distractions at work by simply cutting off access to your biggest distraction sources like Facebook or Reddit, and concentrate on work that really matters.

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